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Recommended Travel Literature

We love "travel books".  Not just guide books, but novels, memoirs, cookbooks and stories about people and places that are connected to amazing destinations.  Immersing oneself in a good book that tackles the history or culture of a city or country can bring immense understanding and appreciation.  Sometimes, just a fun read set in a far flung destination is all it takes to inspire an adventure.

The books listed here come from seasoned travel guides and are tied to upcoming trips designed by Anne Fuldby-Olsen, founder of Women of Nebraska and Director of Group Travel at Executive Travel here in Lincoln.  Anne hails from Denmark and when she's not in Nebraska she's resides in Greece.  We are thrilled to work with her on this collaboration.

Take a look at the books on this page.  You can order the books to be shipped to your home or picked up in our shop.   

Want more information about these Journeys? CLICK HERE to visit the Women of Nebraska website.

Come back often.  We'll be updating the list regularly, hoping to inspire some intrepid travelers!


“To Travel is to Live.” H.C. Andersen, Danish author and fairy tale writer.